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3 Inch Dry Ceramic Transitional Diamond Grinding Pads

This 3" hybird ceramic bond diamond polishing pads are designed for removing scratches left behind by metal-bond diamonds.It's a widely used tool which is used for polishing concrete and smoothing scratch patterns. Ceramic bonding strength is between metal bonding and resin bonding. Using ceramic grinding pads in between metal and resin grinding effectively reduce polishing time. It can be used dry .

  • CP-02A
  • Murat
  • CP-02A


  • Used for concrete of all hardness

  • 50 grit and 100 grit will very effectively removed scratches left by metal grinding discs

  • Reduces use of metal discs

  • Prepare for transitioning to resin bond polishing pads

  • Can polish up to 3000 grit also

  • Use dry

  • Applies to concrete and terrazzo

  • aggressive with long life, almost 4 times the life of resin bond floor polishing pads

  • 6mm thickness

  • velcro backed for easy changing of grits

  • 3" in diameter

You can buy our 3" ceramic transitional polishing pads with a small quantity first, testing our quality and service. For ceramic transitional polishing padssmall quantity, you don't need to take the risk in case they don't fit your market. To support you test our products, we offer you a discount for the sample order.


To provide you the most suitable diamondceramic transitional polishing pads grinding shoes, please confirm all the technical details with our engineers before you place an order.

Function descriptions:

Excellent for use on Terrazzo and stone.  Also works very well to remove metal bond scratches on concrete on both planetary and rotary grinders.

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