Flat Polishing Machines In The Processing Of Stainless Steel And Effect Of Flatness Polishing Speed

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Polishing speed is refers to artifacts and throwing CD of relative speed "general situation Xia, with polishing speed of increases, polishing efficiency into is proportional to the to improve, this is because, polishing speed more big, while, makes units time within abrasive and try pieces contact surface occurred role of times increased; on the, mill grain and try pieces Zhijian of friction speed speed up, makes adapted surface of wear increased, macro Shang reflect for polishing volume of increased" but Dang speed high Shi, due to centrifugal force role, makes polishing liquid dumped out work district, polishing movement smooth sex reduced , Polished wear faster, thus affecting the precision polishing "polishing rate caused a decline in quality of the General Assembly (that is, the surface roughness increases), or even cause flakes broken brittle materials.

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