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4 Steps Polishing Pads

“ As a substitute of 7 steps floor polishing system, it can achieve much faster and more efficient grinding and polishing. Comparing with traditional metal floor pads, our patented design of metal pads with segment in plastic mold weigh less by 50%, get more adaptability and better performance. Running with resin floor pads, achieves the balance between sharpness and durability,get required gloss.”


01.Grinding steps and operation application

Step1 (wet or dry) → Step 2(wet or dry)→ Step 3(wet )→ Step 4(dry)


❶ Select the correct steps of floor pads,according to the roughness of floor.

❷ After each step, surface of the floor ,tool holder  and grinding pads should be cleaned or scrubbed to avoid coarse sand falling on the surface, and leaving scratches in the next step.

❸ In the last polishing, for example, 4# only sprinkles a little water on the concrete surface,polish untill dry, then comes brightness. 

❹ To ensure grinding and polishing effect, should run the grinder horizontally and vertically for each step.

❺ The shininess can be 35-45 degree after grinding and polishing.

 We can also offer 0 for extra rough floor and 5 for mirror gloss                                                           


03.Usage guide of densifier

❶ Mix the densifier with water by 1:4.

❷ Spray the mixed liquid on the floor surface

 ❸  When to apply densifier: polish with step1, 2 & 3. →air dry the floor by 24 hours →apply densifier →12 hours after applying densifier →dry polish with step 4 and get gloss.

Safety instruction

❶ Check if any damage on machine and parts before using. If damaged, the use is strictly prohibited.

 Becareful of electric leakage while using.

❸ When loading or unloading of polishing pads, the machine should be shut down and power off.

❹ Reading the instruction carefully before using, avoiding the risk of misoperation.

❺ The machine should be equipped with safety shield and the operator should wear protective article like safety eye glass, safety clothes and gloves etc.

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